Traditional and
Contemporary Silverware

The 1870 Collection has been produced to celebrate 150 years in the silverware industry.

We wanted to mark this milestone by creating some new products which showcase what our business is all about. We hired talented Sheffield designer James Bailey, with the task of creating a line of practical tableware items, with a hunting and shooting theme, in a classic style which could be used for years to come.

We also wanted the 1870 collection to showcase some of the rare skills which we are still able to utilise, namely hand piercing and high level silversmithing and polishing. We have included a short video and some images of our hand piercer at work, and we hope this helps to bring alive some of the processes which we undertake in creating our beautiful items.

The phrase ‘handmade’ is often overused in our opinion – but we can say that most sterling silver items really are handmade, and this could well be the last generation of craftsmen who can produce this type of work.

The three images show

  • A short video showing the intricacies of hand piercing a silver sheet to produce the design.
  • The finished product, a fine silver napkin ring.
  • The final stage of hand piercing the pheasant design before the next process.
Francis Howard | Napkin Ring
Francis Howard | How It's Made